2024 5th International Conference on Energy Power and Automation Engineering (ICEPAE 2024)

Call For Papers

The topics of interest for submission include, but are not limited to:

- Energy Science and Engineering

· Solar

· Wind energy

· Energy materials

· Energy storage technology

· Energy saving technology

· Energy conversion and utilization

· Energy and environmental engineering

· Energy equipment

· Power Equipment

· Water and power engineering

· Electrical and thermal energy

· Hydrology and water resources engineering

- Power, Automation and Electrical Engineering

· Engineering Thermophysics

· Thermal Engineering

· Power Machinery and Engineering

· Fluid Machinery and Engineering

· Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning and Refrigeration

· Power Systems and Automation

· High Voltage and Insulation Technology

· Electric Motors and Electricity

· Electrical Theory and New Technology

· Power Electronics and Electric Drives

· Smart Grid Technology

· Chemical automation and instrumentation

· Manufacturing Automation

· Precision Automation

· Information Automation

· Biomedical Automation

- Automation Engineering

· New Energy Systems and Control Technology

· Measurement and control technology and instrumentation

· Modern signal processing and detection technology

· Information and Systems Science Related Engineering and Technology

· Microwave millimeter wave test technology and remote sensing

· Automatic Control Application Theory

· Command and Control Systems Engineering

· Control System Simulation Technology

· Navigation guidance and control

· Mechatronics Technology

· Fluid transmission and control

· Automation instrumentation and devices

· Robot control

· Automation Technology Applications

· Control Science and Technology