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Welcome A. Prof. Yanqing Niu from Xi'an Jiaotong University to be committee member!

A. Prof. Yanqing Niu

Xi'an Jiaotong University, China

Research Area:

Energy Engineering

Research Experience:

A. Prof. Yanqing Niu from Xi'an Jiaotong University, China. His major is combustion, and mainly do research on following fields: 

1) Experiment and kinetic research on char combustion and PM formation, and laser measuring; 

2) Biomass ash related problems during combustion (slagging, agglomeration, corrosion, and utilization...) with experiment and modeling; 

3) Biomass pretreatment, combustion, co-combustion, gasification…;

4) Emission Control of Combustion (NOx, SOx, and PM). 

Currently, He have published more than 90 papers, more than 60 papers are indexed by SCI, such as Progress in Energy and Combustion Science, Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews, Proceeding of the Combustion Institute, Combustion and Falme, Bioresource technology, Applied energy, Fuel, Enegry & Fuel, Applied Thermal Engineering, Journal of the Energy Institute etc. Also, He acted as a peer reviewer in the above-mentioned journal. Moreover, He have experience in Editor work as an Associate Editor of journal of IET Renewable Power Generation (IF 3.605), the Lead Guest Editor of Journal of Chemistry (IF 1.7), and the Editor Board Member of Progress in Energy & Fuels and Asia-Pacific Journal of Energy and Power Engineering.

Important Dates

● Submission Deadline:Apr. 7, 2020



● Notification Date:1-2 weeks after 




● Registration Deadline:Apr. 8, 2020



● Conference Date:Apr.10, 2020


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