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Welcome Prof. Baoling Cai from Xi’an Thermal Power Research Institute Co., Ltd. to be committee member!

Prof. Baoling Cai

Xi’an Thermal Power Research Institute Co., Ltd., China

Research Area:

large thermal power unit control and simulation technology

Research Experience:

Professorate senior engineer, technical expert of China huaneng group co., LTD and Xi’an Thermal Power Research Institute Co., Ltd. Won several provincial and ministerial science and technology awards, and published several papers on core journals (2 of which won the second prize of excellent journal papers at the 2018 annual meeting of Chinese society of electrical engineering and 2 EI); There are 2 invention patents and 8 software copyright certificates.

Is responsible for the "key technology of 1000 mw circulating fluidized bed boiler experimental research on" project control strategy research, to be responsible for the "high temperature gas cooled reactor process and shut down the system dynamic characteristic analysis, validation and optimization of key technology" project, is responsible for the "second reheat unit dynamic and static characteristic analysis, key control strategy research and engineering application" project, and so on.

Important Dates

● Submission Deadline:Apr. 7, 2020



● Notification Date:1-2 weeks after 




● Registration Deadline:Apr. 8, 2020



● Conference Date:Apr.10, 2020


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