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Welcome Mr. Lei Pan from China Energy Engineering Group Jiangsu Power Design Institute Co.,Ltd. to be committee member!

Mr. Lei Pan

China Energy Engineering Group Jiangsu Power Design Institute Co.,Ltd., China

Research Area:

New energy consumption and electrical design

Research Experience:

1). Achievements

    The State Intellectual Property Office authorized 6 utility model patents and accepted 7 invention patents, of which 3 utility model patents were authorized as the first inventor. Authorized patents: "a new type of wind and photovoltaic power generation system"(201620305793.2), "a self-continuous photovoltaic module"(201620696495.0), and "a new floating photovoltaic module"(201720832343.3).

  The five accepted papers are as follows: "Research on Application of Prefabricated Cabin Transformer Substation in Alpine Region" (Chinese Core Journals, First Author), "Analysis of Pitch Control of Wind Turbine Based on BPNN-PID" (Chinese Core Journals, First Author), "Research on Modeling of Grid-connected Photovoltaic Power Generation Units" (First Author), "Modeling of Grid-connected Photovoltaic Power Generation Units Based on Particle Swarm Optimization Algorithm" (EI, Fourth Author), and "Introduction and Application of Prefabricated Cabin Booster Station Prospects, (Second Author).

  The enterprise standard " Typical design of prefabricated cabin booster station " (Q/CEEIC-00-2-09.001-2017) of China Energy Engineering Group Investment Corporation has been published.

2). Awards

First Prize of Achievement Display of QC Group of Power Industry of Hydropower Quality Association(2018)

Second Prize of National Engineering Construction (Survey and Design) Excellent QC Team(2018)

Bronze Medal of the 1st Jiangsu Electrical Engineering Society Youth Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition(2018)

Second Prize of Excellent Standard Design in Power Industry(2017)

Important Dates

● Submission Deadline:Apr. 7, 2020



● Notification Date:1-2 weeks after 




● Registration Deadline:Apr. 8, 2020



● Conference Date:Apr.10, 2020


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